“Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” and other news..

This spring/summer I will be doing a run solo performances of Genesis’ conceptual rock masterpiece, “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”, and selections from “Selling England By The Pound” as well.   I will try to give an authentic and fresh slant to this classic music with just one voice,   guitar,    and a looper.

Also, this site is in the finishing stages of being able to offer music of mine and of my fellow musicians with a “pay what you feel it’s worth to you” checkout option.  Similar to the Radiohead model, yet mostly everything can be bought/downloaded by playing with a slide meter that starts at  $.00 and goes to $100 per track.

You decide what the track is worth to you and we’ll let the karmic universe work out the financial particulars.

So, keep checking back for this virtual record store may have some sounds that you may dig..


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