In addition to my current solo looping and band projects I enjoy being a sideman in these fine groups.

19 Foot Tree-O - features Tim Lefebvre on bass, Adam Gust on drums. First album to be released in early 2015. 2013-

Afrobeat Tribute to Michael Jackson – 10 piece horn band. Fela Kuti grooves hitting MJ classics into a live funk mashup. 2008-2009
Banyan – Fronted by Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins. Banyan is a improvisational collective and includes Norton Wisdom on paint. Various members include Tony Franklin, Nels Cline, Mike Watt, Willie Waldman, Rob Wasserman, and many others 2007-
Chrysta Bell – new album produced by David Lynch
Brian Blade – Mama Rosa 2010
Darrell Grant – On the Territory – Fronted by great jazz pianist Darrell Grant  – also on vocals.  Eclectic collection of musicianship and classic tunes reharmonized with original compositions. 2008-2010

John Gross Trio – features the avant garde tenor of John Gross with Scott Cutshall on drums. New recordings to be released in 2015. 2012-

Mass Ensemble – touring, recording, producing member 2002-2009
Mojo Triage – featuring Arlan Schierbaum on keys, Deon Estus on bass, Marcus Joesph on drums, Ted Falcon; violin, mandolin 2005-

Cameron Morgan Trio  - Exciting music with an edge that blends through-composed compositions, free improvisation, and reharmonized pop standards. Joining me in the trio are:  Stevie Nistor, drums (Iron & Wine, Brian Blade, Daniel Lanois) Andrew Jones, upright bass w/effects & looping (Barbez, Pamelia Kurstin)

Summer Channel – featuring remix artist J Scott G (Madonna, Bowie), with Chrysta Bell on vocals
Trio of Mass Distraction – w/  Adam Gust drums, and bassist Kirwan Brown 2004-
Gino Vannelli – various recording and live work 2010-
Willie Waldman Project – Trumpeter (Snoop Dogg), offshoot of Banyan w/o Stephen Perkins 2006-