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I’m currently working on a new batch of 20 or so tunes with Adam Gust on drums, and Kirwan Brown on bass, recorded at Nashville’s RCA Studio B and Oceanway in June. I have no plans to “release them” or “get a record deal”.

Well, some press would be nice. :)

They will be “released and unleashed” here, the way it should be. The new recordings are completely different from “The Ambition Tax”, they are more adventurous, energetic, and varied.

I like to call what I do Art Music.

It’s not Ornette, Sun Ra, Brian Eno, Tom Waits, Beatles, XTC, or Shakti; but the influence of these great artists to create original sounds, lyrics, harmony, and melody are there.

I have been looking forward to the day that my private and live recordings could come out without having to press the plastic or vinyl. No longer having to wait for that development deal to come to fruition, for I-Tunes to load the tracks up, or to get feedback from my peers. Many musicians are against my idea of possibly giving away all my music for “free” but I feel that most people are honest and will pay for “quality”.

The whole idea here; you can have any music here on the site for “free” if you so desire, but please pay for what you “feel” it is worth. You, the people; keep me going, enabling me to continue putting the music out.

There will eventually be hundreds of tracks to enjoy and download. Most new tracks and various solo and band nuggets from the past 15 years of 4 track recordings to full on studio sessions will be available here for download. Live recordings and video footage from many different groups will be here as well.

Keep checking back for the evolution and revolution of new and old music!!!

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